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 Saint John Eudes liturgical feast: October 20, 1672

 Fr.  Leonardo Arboleda, CJM


Hail, Heart most Holy!
Hail, Heart most gentle!
Hail, Heart must humble!
Hail, Heart most pure!
Hail, Heart most wise!
Hail, Heart most patience!
Hail Heart most obedient!
Hail Heart most Vigilant!
Hail Heart most faithful
Hail Heart most merciful!
Hail, most loving Heart of Jesus and Mary!
We revere you!
We praise you!
We glorify you!
We give you thanks!
We love you with all our heart,
with all our soul,
with all our strength.
We offer you our heart.
We give it to you.
We consecrate it to you.
We immolate it to you.
Receive and posses entirely.
Purify it.
Enlighten it.
Sanctify it.
Live and reign in it now, always and forever.
(Saint John Eudes)


Saint John Eudes Spirituality about the Sacred Heart of Jesus is a practical Theology and the Church embraces the importance of this Spirituality. We know, when Saint John Eudes refers the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus he is talking about love and mercy more than reparation.

The Heart of Jesus is “Fornax amoris”. The meaning of this expression is: “Blaze of Love” like a furnace of Love or burning fire of love. In this Blaze of Love the most Blessed Virgin Mary receives  love and life. So, Saint John Eudes invites us  to contemplate and honor the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary as one heart itself as a perfect unit of Spirit and affection.

The Sacred Heart of Jesus, according to Saint John Eudes, encompasses all the virtues, and God's sentiments, including the different stages of Jesus' life; for example: his incarnation, birth, crucifixion and Resurrection, and Ascension into Heaven.

The Sacred Heart  also expresses,  the Unity of the different members of the mystical body of Christ which is the Church. For Saint John Eudes the Heart of Jesus is the center of the Universe and is the point of union between God and all creation.  Our Founder took this idea from the French school  of Spirituality which emphasizes Jesus as a center of  Christian life.

Saint John Eudes distinguishes three hearts in the Heart of Jesus:

1.    The Physical and Psychological Heart in which dwells love and passion.
2.    The Spiritual Heart which is the superior part of the soul. This Spiritual Heart represents intimacy and the desire to love  and befriend others.
3.    The Divine Heart, which is the Holy Spirit. We experience the Divine Heart through faith. This Divine Heart is the Heart of our Heart which means  it is the center of our heart. It is God himself who lives within us. Consequently God is love.

Jesus, our Savior, has one Heart with his Father and the Holy Spirit. So,  when we adore the Heart of Jesus, we also adore the Heart of the Father and the Heart of the Holy Spirit. This Heart is a Blaze of love for us. “Blessed are those who live in that blaze of love”.


Saint John Eudes says that God loves us in Jesus, through a human Heart. But God Himself gives us the Grace of love in order to love Him through  his love which is manifested in the Sacred Heart of his Beloved Son. It is possible to love God and others because God himself dwells within us.

From the time of our baptism our heart belongs to Jesus and the Heart of Jesus belongs to us.

1. The Father! The proof of the blaze of love for us is that God our Father sent his beloved Son for ourssalvation. God of mercy seems to love us more than Jesus in sending him by the power of the Holy Spirit. In doing this, God the Father demonstrates his compassionate love for us.

 2. The Son! Jesus demonstrates his love for us when he says: “I love you, just as the Father loves me” (John 15:9) My Father proved his love for you by surrendering me to die on the Cross.  I love you because I accepted the Cross for you. What can we say to Jesus? We may say: “O Jesus, you love me so much; and you seem to detest  yourself  in order to love me.”

3. The Holy Spirit! The Holy Spirit who is the Heart of the Father and the Son demonstrates his love for us in creating Jesus in Mary's womb; in guiding Jesus in each moment of his life on earth,  and in giving Jesus strength in order to accept the Cross for us.

This is the way in which God loves us.  And, what will we do to respond? God does not ask odd things! He only wants our hearts. He becomes happy when we surrender our affections, especially; love and hatred.  The love to love Him with all our strength,  and the hatred to hate only sin.

Saint John Eudes says: “If someone asks you if you love God, you will respond: YES, I  want to love God with the total capacity of my heart, and I surrender my life to God in loving Him”.

The challenge of this Spirituality is evident: “if we want to love God and others we are invited to contemplate the Heart of Jesus in order to make Jesus' life continue within us”.

How can we can continue to have Jesus' life within  us?

1.    See and follow Jesus in all things and in all actions.
2.    Practice love with your sight, with  your mind, and with your heart.
3.    Renounce sin; renounce pride, vanity, and self importance. And, open your heart to receive Jesus' virtues in order to live in holiness.

If we practice these three steps Jesus will live and reign within us.

“O Lord, give me your feelings; help me to love you above all things; don't let me separated from you.” (Saint John Eudes)


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